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24 Jun Preschool Panic
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I was walking through the neighbourhood enjoying a lovely evening stroll when a woman who was out working in her garden stopped to ask how far along I was. At that point I was about 8 months pregnant..
24 Jun Holiday Leftovers?
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We plan for weeks, cook for days and eat for minutes. Of course, we we couldn’t possibly not have enough for the holiday feast so, what the heck, throw in a bit extra, just in case. Well, now what d..
24 Jun Baby Skincare: What You Need to Know About Scents and Pthalates
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Nothing smells better than a freshly bathed baby, but did you know that certain ingredients used to create the scent in baby shampoos and skincare products can be harmful? Many synthetically produced..
24 Jun Happy Halloween!
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The biggest candy day of the year is fast approaching and I’m sure your little wizards and princesses are planning their costumes and dreaming about mountains of candy! So what is your family’s cand..
24 Jun Thanksgiving Baking Fun
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Baking is such a great activity for children to do with their parents and they can feel a real sense of accomplishment from it. What’s great is that you can start baking with your children from the t..
24 Jun Shampoo Strategies for Toddlers
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If there’s one thing almost all toddlers have in common, it’s a profound dislike of having a lot of water poured over their heads. Most of the time, that’s fine. We’ll avoid getting hit in the face ..
24 Jun Are There Parabens in Your Shampoo?
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If you’re in the habit of reading cosmetic labels, you may have noticed that a common ingredient in moisturizers, shampoos, body washes and makeup is one of the group of most-used parabens: methylpara..
23 Jun Formaldehyde & The Quest For Straight Hair
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Really? Do we even need to go here? Well, with the recent buzz about town over the unlawful levels of formaldehyde seeping in to the beauty crazed-world of chemical hair-straightening solutions, we fe..
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