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About Us

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Our Story


As parents, we’re all faced with so many choices and considerations every day and we’re hoping that we’re making the best decisions we can for our kids. We started Coco & Tini because the more research we did on personal care products when we were deciding what to use for our first baby the more concerned we became about the potentially harmful ingredients found in so many of the things we use everyday. From artificial fragrance and harsh chemicals to hormone disrupting and petroleum-derived ingredients, there seemed to be so many things to try and avoid, particularly when we learned about the impact these elements might have on babies’ and children’s developing systems. So, we set out to formulate a line based on ingredient safety, integrity and performance. Our goal was to create a brand and product assortment that could become a family fixture- with you right from the birth of your child and beyond- because it meant you didn’t have to worry about what was in the bottle.

Our Values

Coco & Tini products contain only 100% natural-source ingredients and carry the CertClean designation, ensuring ingredient safety and integrity.

We do not and will not use sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial preservatives or artificial fragrances in any of our products.

At Coco & Tini we respect the Earth and we respect you. Our products are not tested on animals and we endeavor to use recyclable materials in all our packaging and printed matter. We won’t use potentially harmful chemicals and synthetics in our products, when there are safer, natural alternatives that can do just as good a job or better and cause less harm to our environment. We hope you enjoy using Coco & Tini, knowing you can feel good about your choice for your family.