Older babies and toddlers who can sit up and pour, stack, splash and topple toys are ready to add bath toys to their bath time fun. Bath toys for toddlers can be really simple or more elaborate toys that twirl, spray and turn when water is poured through. Need some ideas? Try these!

Empty bottles. Simple, economical and an endless source of fun, toddlers love to fill, pour out, squirt and squeeze empty plastic bottles. Raid your recyling bin for water, shampoo or juice bottles, wash them thoroughly and let the games begin.

Stacking cups. A set of colourful stacking cups is an excellent bath toy. They can be filled, poured into each other, nested together or stacked on top of one another, all of which are excellent hands-on learning opportunities for curious toddlers.

Foam letters, numbers and animal shapes. Bath “stickers” made from foam shapes are especially fun for older toddlers and preschoolers who are starting to identify letters and learn their names. Animal shaped stickers are fun for creating nature scenes and storylines.

Plastic animals. These wonderful plastic animals by Schleich do double-duty as bath toys and playroom toys. Just make sure any other animals or people you might be inspired to bring into the bath are fully solid and airtight - Little People figures in particular have a small hole at the bottom that will let them slowly fill with bathwater, which is then impossible to get out.

Boats. Simple plastic boats are a timeless bath toy, for good reason. Make them float or sink, send your valiant fleet on a perilous expedition or launch a pirate attack. The possibilities for creative play are endless.

Rubber ducky. Another classic bath toy, especially good for older babies or young toddlers who are still delighted and surprised by the squeak!

Water wheels. These toys use the force of water being poured into them to move, twirl and spray. They’re also great to put in a plastic bin or water table for sensory play outside of bath time.

Bubbles. A bath full of bubbles is a toy in itself. Bubbles easily transform themselves into dress-up clothes, beards or hats. Just add a mirror to let the kids see just how silly they look!

Bath toys are great fun for kids, but if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed at the thought of your bathroom being overrun with toys, choose one toy to bring out each week and put the rest away. Rotating through bath toys keeps them fresh for the kids and keeps the bathroom easy to clean up afterwards. Whether you choose to put out recycled bottles or an elaborate set of water wheels, bath toys are an opportunity for kids to have fun and learn about water at the same time.