Birthdays and school parties are fun for children to look forward to and it is a time for sharing with their friends. They love the change from the regular routine, special songs & rituals and of course, TREATS! If your preschool or elementary school is anything like ours, they are very cognizant of promoting healthy habits and parents are requested to bring only nutritious treats for special occasions. With everything else you juggle including work, home, driving to lessons, facilitating arts & crafts, our creativity for the school’s treat requirement may run a bit thin at times. Don’t dispare! Print this one out and keep it in your back pocket. It’s great for birthdays, school picnics and pot-lucks. Here’s a sure win that satisfies the “healthy” criteria and children find these so fun to eat! You can turn this into a crafty activity to do with your little one and their special day will be one to remember.

Bagel Faces
1. Cut a dozen mini bagels in half so that you have two rounds 2. Cover the base with a cream cheese of your choice. 3. Use whatever fruits and veggies you have on hand and cut pieces for the face. (Strawberries and cucumbers make great mouths, grapes make great eyes or nose as do carrots.)

TIP: Alfalfa sprouts although they look great and I haven’t found a good hair substitute isn’t everyone’s favorite. Don’t be offended if this is the part some kids pick off. Please send us your creative ideas for healthy & edible hair!