We plan for weeks, cook for days and eat for minutes. Of course, we we couldn’t possibly not have enough for the holiday feast so, what the heck, throw in a bit extra, just in case. Well, now what do we do with all of those leftovers? Make soup!

I’ve learned that just about every leftover can make a fabulous soup filled with flavourful goodness.

Chop up the turkey, the ham, the roast, add it to a broth with a couple handful of noodles and voila! You can also add some veggie broth to the veggie au gratin, blend it up and you’ve cream of fill-in-the-blank soup! You really can’t go wrong. The blender is a marvelous invention that can transform any evil green leafy stalk (evil in the eyes of your 3 year old that is!) into a deceptively delicious soup ready for dipping crackers and baguettes.

I’ve heard of people blending up the turkey soup but for whatever reason have not actually tried it myself. If you have, let us know how it tastes!

For those things you really can’t bring yourself to make soup out of, freeze your extras in meal sized portions and save yourself a bit of meal time prep in the week to come.

For those with young ones, blend up your extra steamed veggies, (without sauces or spices) spoon it into ice cube trays and freeze. Be sure to label them in a zip lock bag and pull them out of the freezer by the cube. If, out of curiosity, you’ve ever tried your baby’s jarred squash, you’ll find there’s no comparison!

Embrace those leftovers! Bon appetit!