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Story of the characters

Coco & Tini

These two have been pals for as long as they can remember. Okay, that's not a very long time. But they're the best of friends and they love learning something new from their animal and insect chums whenever they get to visit their world.

Woosh & Hoopy

Coco & Tini love visiting their owl friends in Woo-hoo Forest. There's an awful lot to explore and discover in nature and these care-takers know exactly what's up and what's going down in their neck of the woods.

Bingo & Lance

Bingo is one upbeat frog! Lance likes to play it a little cooler, as he's a frog of few words and even fewer hops. It takes an awful lot to impress Lance. But these two buddies keep Coco & Tini jumping, from their pad to all areas of the pond.

Daphne & Lila

Dragon-fly line-dancing. Music from the beetles. Munched-leaf tea and creature croquet. These ladies know how to throw a garden party. Visits with Daphne and Lila are always fabulous affairs.

Dash & Squiggs

These dudes love surfing. But it's tricky getting on your board when you're a little guy. Squiggs wants to be just like his big brother, Dash, and he's always ready to try his hardest. Coco & Tini have oceans of fun with them, on and under the waves.

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